1.) First player listed will set table,
It would be polite to say "VN", "GG" and/or "TY" before,
during and after match

2.) It is the responsibility of the players
to be in the lobby when pairings are called
It is not the TDs responsibility to IM anyone
to let them know they are set

2A. If BOTH players are in the lobby and
the player who is to set refuse's,
they will be put on a 3 minute timer.
If they DO NOT set within those 3 minutes,
they will be DQed

2AA.3 MIN timer in effect after pairings are set
You will only be timed twice in one match
if a 3rd timer is required you will be DQ'ed
If you don't answer or set within 20-30 seconds
the host will call your name once for ex. Liz.
If no response or set in 15 seconds timer will start
The host will not move forward with sets
until the missing players are on timer

2B. If you choose to be in 2 tourneys at the same time,
you will be DQed from the 2nd one

2C. If you are DQed from 4 tourneys for not abiding by the rules,
in a 24 hour period will result in an instant box of 3 days.
Meaning you will be "boxed" from playing ANY tourneys
within those 3 days

2D. If there is a problem that the hosting TD cannot settle,
An HTD will be happy to resolve the issue

3.) You will be allowed 1 reset, in the case of a
player getting booted within first 3 rounds
after round 3 no resets are allowed

3A.Exceptions: are if Online Bandit is having massive booting

3AA. If you are having problems please let the hosting td know

3B.In the event of massive boots only,
a player will be given 3 minutes to return to lobby
1 reset will be allowed and the TD will choose format

3C. If a player stops rolling, please inform the TD in charge immediately
*Reminder players there is a 1 minute timer

3D. In the event of a tie game, the TD will pick a format

4.) TD reserves the right to change format and customize rules
at ANY time during the tourney as problems do arise

4A. When 2 players time out in the same match,
the win will go to the player with the highest league ranking

5.) In a Swiss tourney, if a player times out in a round
they will be withdrawn from the tourney
if they do not return before it is time for the TD to advance to the next round

5A. In a Swiss or a Double Elimination, if a player is booted,
he/she will have 3 minutes to return to lobby

5B. all reset rules are in effect


6. Rolling out of format is an auto loss

6A. It is the players responsibility to read the rules and formats


7.) You will be allowed 2 reset,
in the case of a player getting booted within first 3 rounds
so after round 3 is completed no resets are allowed

7A.Exceptions are if Online Bandit is having massive booting/having
problems are if you are having problems
please let the hosting td know

7B.If a player is booted after the 3rd round
then the remaining player has the option of either:
1) Continuing the match by themselves OR
2) Forfeiting the match to the opposing team

7C.When pairings are called and your partner is missing,
they will be put on 3 minute timer and
you have that time to find a substitute.
Otherwise you will both be DQed after 3 minutes

7D. If a player times out in a previous round,
and returns before next round pairings are set,
they can continue to play with their partner
If that player gets booted again,
they will be DQed and no timer will be set again
Only one sub per a team

7E. There is no cross boarding allowed in ps tourneys
( you can not tell your person where to move,
you can not tell your partner where
they can send an opponent back
if they do not see it, ect)
if you do and it is reported or a staff member witnesses
it you can be disqualified or both you and your partner
can if they make the move you told them to.)
We play a fair game at friendlyrwe and
want all our members to have fun and play fairly.


8.) Any rules that are not followed
will be grounds for Disqualification of a Tourney
Unacceptable behavior and disrespect will also
be grounds for Disqualification

8A. Any outburst in the lobby after r
epeated warning will result in being boxed and/or Banned

9.) Please add host to yahoo IM in case you need them
Please do not IM Players or Hosts while they are in tourney
because this creates lag and will hold up tourney

11.) Please report all match results
in the lobby in all caps like this WINNER/////NONWINNER
and do NOT report to the tourney page
The TD will do that for you

1.) We are all here to have fun so NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED